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Apr 16, 2018

Welcome to the Working  Christian Mom Podcast. I’m NJ Rongner. I’m a wife, mom and a business consultant who focuses on marketing and strategy. Some of you may or may not know me as part of the Boss Mom team the sometimes co-host of the Boss Mom Podcast with Dana Malstaff.

In this episode, I get a little fired up about the mission God has given me. This is my message to you… A Battle Cry for the Working Christian Mom.

Here are the truths for you. 

You can love your family and your job, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. 

You are enough. 

Conviction comes from the holy spirit, guilt wrecks us because we let it. God’s grace is enough. He told us so.

You can do hard things.  And those things that scare you, those are probably the things you NEED to be doing.

Your work IS ministry and the world needs your work. 

When God created you, he knew you’d be in this role, at this job. 

It’s okay that you’re ambitious. 

This episode was saturated in Scripture but I didn’t give many of the verses. To grab your Battle Cry Affirmation Devotional and get the show notes click here.

If you are looking for community and support as you live in the tension of work, motherhood and faith, join us at We’d love to see you there.