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May 31, 2018

Today on the podcast, I have my friend Ashley Buffa. Ashley worked as an assistant to someone who was very “internet famous.” Along with the perks of being associated with someone well known came the hustle, deadlines and stress of working with a high performing CEO.  There came a point in Ashley’s career where she had to decide between handling a work emergency via email or tending to her crying nursing baby. In this episode, Ashley shares not only how her pride of her career snuck up on her, but the mistakes she made along the way, her big burnout story and what she learned through the process. Connect with Ashley: Website / Facebook / Instagram

 There comes a time in almost every Working Christian Mom’s life when they experience burnout.

 In this episode about burnout lessons from a Working Christian Mom you’ll hear:

  • The burnout signs Ashley missed
  • Things can do to support someone who is in the middle of burnout
  • The effect Ashley’s work schedule had on her kids at home.
  • How God redeemed Ashley’s story
  • Ashley’s tips for high achieving women.
  • Ashley’s tips for making a home run smoother including the magical power of doubling up time, meal planning and delegating housework.

Click here to read the full show notes.