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Jun 7, 2018

In this episode of the Working Christian Mom podcast I interview my internet friend turned real life friend, Lilah Higgins. Earlier this year, literally took her courage by the hand and did something really brave. She went to the If:Gathering knowing that she didn’t know anyone there besides her husband. Going to the If:Gathering was a full circle moment for her where God showed up in unexpected places and she left changed. She even had the chance to meet Jennie Allen and tell her about how If Gathering has played out in the story of her life. Lilah has a history of anxiety and she shares openly what her freedom journey has been like and how God has rewritten the narrative. Connect with Lilah: Website / Instagram 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Lilah’s If:Gathering Story including how God showed up, her full circle moment and why she left changed.
  • Lilah’s mindset shift regarding her anxiety after she started partnering and trusting the Lord with it.
  • How Lilah views her job as a graphic designer through the lens of a God who loves creativity and art.

To read the full show notes for this episode including all of the links mentioned, click here.