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Apr 9, 2019

One of the questions I get most often about how to parent tweens and teens well. On this episode of the podcast, Connie Albers, author of Parenting Beyond The Rule shares the tips and tricks that worked for her.

Here’s my favorite quote that really sums up this whole episode.

“People say my children are different. Well of course they are because they're formed by the God that made them with a purpose with a unique set of gifts so strengths and talents. They weren't in the wrong line and they didn't miss out on a certain quality. Connie Albers

We still have broken pieces to us because we're all have we all have weaknesses and I love to help parents say let's let's focus on our strengths. Because that's where God's going to use them to excel and to do.” - Connie Albers

Links Mentioned On The Show:

About Our Guest: Connie Albers spent 25 years parenting her five children and 20 years working with teens. She is a popular speaker and writer dedicated to strengthening families, parenting, homeschooling teens, faith-filled living, and leadership. Her practical content inspires and equips parents in the trenches. Connie has been a spokesperson for a Fortune 500 company as well as serving as a director and board member for a nonprofit state homeschool organization. Follow Connie at