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Nov 8, 2018

Hey gals and welcome back! Today on the show I am sitting down with my friend Marva  Goss. We recorded this episode in April and friends, it’s a REALLY powerful one.

There are a few housekeeping notes to share, since this content was recorded earlier this year. You’re going to hear us talk about the Boss Mom podcast, which was something I used to be a part of. That season has closed, but I am grateful for the time I spent with all of the Boss Moms out there and founder Dana Malstaff. Also, since this episode recorded, Marva has changed her Instagram handle to @marvagoss

Friends,  It hasn’t felt like the right time to air this episode, until now, and even now, I still went back to Marva to double check she wanted her story to be shared. This is one is probably best listened to without your kids around. Actually, I wouldn’t listen to this one with my kids around. So I won’t be offended if you have to wait on this.

Marva is a survivor who has experienced emotional, sexual and physical trauma. . She has transformed into a thriver because she believes that what God says about her is true. Her story is a story of hope and I am so honored that Marva chose to share her story with you today.  It is my prayer that her message of hope meets you right where you are at.


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About our guest: Marva is a  brand + sales strategist who  helps women coaches and creatives position themselves as the go-to expert in their industry, while building a brand they're excited about. Marva is a veteran turned life coach turned strategist that encourages her clients to step out of their comfort zones to build an online presence that stands out from the rest. Website / Instagram