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Aug 14, 2018

In this episode of the Working Christian Mom Podcast, I chat with Valerie Woerner of Val Marie Paper. Val is a friend of one of my biz besties, and the creator of one of the products that’s an MVP in my life, the yearly prayer journal. I own and use several Val Marie Paper products including the yearly prayer journal,...

Aug 8, 2018

Today on the Working Christian Mom Podcast, I chat with my friend and fellow multi-passionate entrepreneur Esther Littlefield. Esther is a pastor's wife, a mama and the host of The Christian Women Leadership Podcast where she women in leadership to lead well and with confidence.

Esther never expected to become a...

Aug 8, 2018

Hey guys! Welcome back to the Working Christian Mom podcast! I’m your host, NJ Rongner.

I have missed you! I want to apologize for going radio silent for so long- my 4th of July week break turned into an entire month of July break.

A few really big things happened in July.. they were good things, big things, scary...